coal black and de sebben dwarfs title card

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Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs wuz walkin’ down da street.

One o’ dem dwa’ves nudgez da dopey one and says, “Yo! Dopey! There’s Coal
Black’s husband, Pimp Chaaaaamin’-muthafucka, coming out o da florist’s
wiff two dozen roses. Damn if that don’t cost some serious loot! Betcha
he’s been sneakin’ on to da other lot and he’s been tappin’ dat Cinderella
bitch and her sister Lateesha!”

Coal Black, overhearing her ebonically-advantaged Dwarf friend describe
the goings-on of her happily-ever-after lifemate, shrieks, “Damn! That
means I’ll have to keep my legs up in the air for three days!”

“Why?” asks Dopey, confused. “Don’t you get a vase?”

Source: The X Dose