Medical Gore

The following is a medical gore video. This PICC removal technique was considered advanced medicine at the time. Click on the image to see the video.

removal of a peripherally inserted central catheter to the heart from the forearm in israel 2007

Got Catheter?

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Riveting Medical Gore Footage

Here are some funny things orthopedic doctors have been known to say:

* “We might not make it better but we can sure make it different.”
* “If you scrub twice as fast, you only have to scrub half as long”
* “I’d rather be lucky than good”
* “Nothing spoils a good result as quickly as follow-up”
* “This is hard enough to do when it’s indicated, let alone on a case like
* “I’ve cut it off twice and it’s still too short”
* Which hammer do you use for these screws ?
* “One way to make sure a humerus doesn’t heal is to operate on it”
* “Orthopaedics is the specialty of complications”
* Bleeding always stops
* The orthopaedic surgeon — Strong as an ox, and TWICE as bright!
* The two ends of a humeral fracture will unite as long as they’re located
within the same room.
* If you’ve half a mind to do orthopaedics, you’re over-qualified.
* The modern holistic approach to orthopaedics… don’t JUST treat
the fracture, you treat the whole bone!
* An orthopod is someone who can bench-press his own weight and spell
* Pass the micro adjuster nurse!
* And finally just on more little tap with the hammer and …….
* Just think of the movement at your ankle fusion site as a bonus.
* Shortening can be an advantage you know, he won’t run off now, he’ll
just circle around.
* It’s only a five minute operation sister.
* It’s much more urgent than any possible general surgical case!

Source: Submitted by Fran Weasley The X Dose